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Modular compressor stations


Modular compressor stations

Conteiner compressed air stations are widely used wherewherever a source of compressed air is demanded, and where it is not possible to place the compression equipment in a room or to build a separate compressor room. 

A professionally made compressed air container station protects the devices inside against any external factors, while ensuring optimal conditions for the operation of the devices.

The station equipment is configured according to individual needs of customer. The container size depends on the type and number of equipment installed inside the station. The entire structure of the container, together with the installed devices, is located on a common support frame which allows to easy transportation and the possibility of installation in any chosen place.

Complete set of modular compressor stations:

an individual set of equipment, based on the technical project: screw compressors, boosters, a set of equipment for drying and air cleaning (separators, filters, driers), condensate cleaning equipment, receivers.

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