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Airpol piston boosters and screw boosters are designed to increase air pressure up to 40 bar. They are widely used wherever devices need to be supplied with different pressures when there is low pressure air which requires additional compression from the value of about 7 bar to 25 - 40 bar.

Application of boosters:

  • production of PET bottles- measuring pneumatic and hydraulic machines tightness;
  • as a starter compressor for large diesel engines;
  • spray technologies in wood and glass processing;
  • control and process air
Piston boosters:

Piston boosters are low-speed, single-stage, two-cylinder compressors with V-shaped cylinder arrangement, cooled by air. These devices are virtually maintenance-free. They are designed for high load and continuous operation.

The controller of piston booster compressors can operate in local or remote mode, and is equipped with a central PLC and operator panel for monitoring the operation and setting parameters. It serves primarily such tasks as power supply control, motor overload protection, oil pressure check, suction pressure check, protection against excessive air pressure, switching booster compressor on and off, control of solenoid valves, measurement of air pressure.

Screw boosters:

Screw boosters provide high-quality compressed air supply thanks to double oil separation and a cooler. The sound-proof case and vibration isolators guarantee quiet operation. Boosters are equipped with a microprocessor controller and monitoring and safety sensors which ensures high operating comfort. The additional advantage of screw boosters is the possibility of energy recovery in the form of warm air stream or hot water (version of execution). Besides the standard idel speed control, there is the possibility to use a frequency controller (adjustable motor speed).  

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