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Screw compressors


Screw compressors

Currently, almost every industrial enterprise requires compressed air. Among the various types of compressor equipment, the demand for screw compressors is growing every day. They are fully automatic devices designed for continuous operation in hard operating conditions.

Screw compressors allow you to receive compressed air from 1 to 40 bar of overpressure (the most popular compressors are from 7 to 13 bar), with a capacity of 300 to 50,000 liters per minute. The air is compressed due to the work of the screw pair. 

The main advantages of screw compressors:

  • High quality of compressed air.

  • Due to an effective double oil separation system, the oil content in the compressed air without installing additional filters is 5 ppm.

  • The quantity of technical inspections has been reduced.

  • The compressor is equipped with operation control system (the presence of a display with an intuitive interface).

  • Screw compressors work quieter than reciprocating compressors - all cases of screw compressors are covered with sound-absorbing material inside. This material deadens noise on average 80%.

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