“Turnkey” supply of compressor equipment and air treatment systems.


Installation and commissioning

Proper installation and commissioning of compressor equipment is an important condition for its stable and long-lasting operation.

The company "ASprom" puts the compressor equipment into operation including installation and commissioning works. Installation works are performed by experienced technical specialists in accordance with all norms and requirements for the safe operation of compressor units.

When the equipment is put into operation, our specialists train the Customer's personnel how to use, adjust and maintenance compressor stations.

Warranty and service maintance

The company “ASprom” performs warranty and service maintenance of compressor stations with the supply of original spare parts and consumables.

ASprom engineers are regularly take courses at the compressor equipment manufacturer AIRPOL (Poland). They have an experience in the maintenance and repair of screw and piston compressors.

SERVICE CONTRACT for the maintenance of AIRPOL compressor equipment with the possibility of extending warranty obligations ensures our customers uninterrupted operation of compressor equipment and guarantees the reliable operation of the entire production process. We take care of all the stages connected with the operation of compressor equipment: regular maintenance (replacement of filters, separators, oil, etc.), diagnostics and repair.

Vibration-based diagnostics of compressor equipment

The vibration diagnostics service allows you to identify hidden defects in the operation of compressor equipment and to show its technical condition.

Vibration diagnostics as a method of examining equipment helps to:

  • detect hidden defects in early terms;
  • perform equipment diagnostics without disassembly and dismantling;
  • reduce the time for diagnostics;
  • inspect equipment installed in hard-to-reach places.

Our long-term practice shows that the success of repairs always depends on the quality of the diagnostics performed. Inspecting the compressor equipment, ASprom specialists analyze all the parameters of its operation and provide detailed information about the state of the devices, which allows you to choose the most rational way of troubleshooting.

Consumables and spare parts

Prompt delivery of spare parts and consumables is a key factor in uninterrupted operation of compressor equipment. We have one of the largest warehouses of original spare parts and consumables for Airpol compressor equipment in Russia.

The use of original spare parts during technical inspections ensures that the compressor equipment is maintained in proper technical condition, thereby increasing its reliability, efficiency and a longer period of operation.

Repair of any complexity

Specialists of the company “ASprom” perform diagnostics and repair of compressor equipment of any complexity: replacement of electric motors, repair of screw pairs, suction units, replacement and adjustment of controllers, installation of radiators, etc.

Repair of the screw pair allows the client to save up to 70% of the budget. If the compressor does not gain the necessary pressure and does not produce the necessary volume of air, then it is better to buy a new compressor. It is often the problem compressor operation occurs due to the physical wear of the screws, so it is advisable to repair the screw pair (screw unit).

The company "ASprom" provides a warranty for all repair works!

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